The breeding goal is to produce horses for general use. Shagya-Arab was always as good horse under saddle and in light harness.
Breed standard is 155 cm in stallions chopstick height, 20 cm circumference shin, and by mares 150 cm height and 19 cm circumference shin in adulthood.
Rodinná stáj Tetetice.

Konirna Tetetice
Konirna Tetetice
Welcome to Konírna Tetetice! In our farm we breed Shagya-Arabian horses, and we are enable to all those interested in these unique animals, engage with us actively. Definitely see horses for sale section if you want to buy quality and versatile horse, with us you choose. "If you have a horse you can board it by us.Do you want to stop here just for a chat, actively relax, or need help with something? In this case contact us by phone, or email. And we would like to welcome you, and we will give you our time.

We look forward to seeing you!

Meet the stallions which operates by us, our mares, foals and horses for sale. Our farm is focused on breeding first-class Shagya-Arabian horses suitable for both, sporting and recreational facilities, see for yourself.