Our stables are located in the village Tetětice, Czech Republic in Haná wich is a region of Moravia. In bland climatic zone with an altitude of about 305 m.over sea level.

We are farm breeding Shagya-Arabian horses, Jersey cattle, goats Czech brown and Caucasian pastoral dog. We also offer the possibility of stabling of horses, horse riding, or admision with breeding goat and breeding stallions.
To ensure optimal nutrition and physique development of our Farm Animal we farm on land, pastures, meadows, winter paddocks and we produce most of feeding to meet their own needs ourselves.

History of our breed:

Breeding Shagya-Arabian horses in the stables at Tetětice by Musil family has began in 1994 by buying mares Isabel CZ-A-109 at the age of seven months from the provincial breed. In the years 1996 and 1997 were purchased mares Schery CZ-SH-A 114 and mare Niky CZ-Sh-A-113 from Topoľčianky National stud farm. Designated mares are the foundation of our breeding.
At present it is in breeding an average of 10 foals, and young horses aged 0,5-5 years. In the breed is now more than 10 mares, born in Tetětice, which are descendants of the mothers above. At home has continued to operate these mares: Tanta CZ-Sh-A-199, Sara CZ-Sh-A-200, Sjamasundar CZ-Sh-A- 268, Smajlin CZ-Sh-A-269. In 2009 were purchased mares from Slovakia provincial breed mares Šegy CZ-Sh-A-353 (originally Topoľčianky) and Melodi CZ-Sh-A-352 (Romania origin).
Rodinná stáj Tetetice.

Konirna Tetetice
Konirna Tetetice
Welcome to Konírna Tetetice! In our farm we breed Shagya-Arabian horses, and we are enable to all those interested in these unique animals, engage with us actively. Definitely see horses for sale section if you want to buy quality and versatile horse, with us you choose. "If you have a horse you can board it by us.Do you want to stop here just for a chat, actively relax, or need help with something? In this case contact us by phone, or email. And we would like to welcome you, and we will give you our time.

We look forward to seeing you!